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About CyberHumans NFT

What is our MOTIVATION ?

CyberHumans are about fighting for survival, fighting for what we love and for our passions with all that we have. Life was never easy with none of us, reason why we grew stronger by adapting ourselves. Our NFTs sustains the idea of never giving up and evolving.

Why will the price increase?

Each NFT will have value and floor price will be constantly rising.



1.If you are in top TOP 200 wallets (rarity based) by the end of each month you will receive an AIRDROP which means 50% from the royalties. There will be a snapshot taken every 1st day of the Month at 12 CET. The rewards will be evenly distributed (royalties are set at 10%). How the rarities are calculated is detailed below.

  1. 2. You can burn an NFT to update the rarity of another.

  2. 3. You can update the rarity of your NFT by using our Items marketplace.

  3. 4. If you own more than 5 NFTs you could update one of your character characteristics (visual improvement).

  4. 5. More NFT Utility based on the future partnerships.

  5. CASE 2:

  6. We will support other NFT Projects into lunching their projects on Elrond Network, the rates could be seen below.
    If you own 1-4 NFT the packages are applicable to each other Blockchain.

CyberHumans NFT

Supports new NFT Projects

What is our MOTIVATION ?



Guide for generating a 2D NFT

2 NFTs

Guide for generating a 2D NFT Metadata

3 NFTs

Guide for generating a 3D NFT

4 NFTs

Guide for generating a 3D NFT Metadata

5 NFTs

Guide to upload your Metadata on TrustMarket

* Eligible users are the users who bought themself the NFTs, P2P transfers are not countable and re-buys from Trust Market are not countable ( not yet).

  • * You can contact us on Discord

Rarities Explained

This is just an example, all used data is just for example purpose.

For each extra owned NFT you have Wallet rarity benefits ! The lower the better

Validators / Consulting




How do I get a Maiar wallet and get eGLD?

We have created an entire section on how to create a Maiar wallet as well as how to do your first eGLD purchase. All you have to do is click on the following buttons.

How do I get on the whitelist?

We post all whitelist opportunities in our discord / twitter! Join as early as possible to get in at the cheaper presales before they fill up!

How do I buy a ULTRAS NFT?

First you will want to get on our whitelist as soon as possible. Remember the earlier the better as you will be able to get in to the cheaper presales. We will have whitelist opportunities in our discord, just click here to join and make sure you have a maiar wallet!